The ACU was created to make crawlspace access practical, secure and sleek looking. The ACU is skillfully crafted and adds a statement of quality.ACU SafePlace Door

  • Fabricated of everlasting material assuring lifetime trouble free operation.
  • High Security, virtually impossible for intruder to enter.
  • Severe Weather Durability, sealing out humidity and draft.
  • Custom sized to recess into foundation wall opening.
  • No minimum or maximum width.
  • No minimum or maximum height.
  • Door panel out swings, inswing door panel optional.


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Creating the ultimate crawlspace access

Ray Palmblad—was associated with the foundation waterproofing industry for over 18 years as a certified systems designer—recommending solutions regarding foundation repair, water intrusion, and mold control in basements and crawlspaces.

While working in the waterproofing industry, Ray noticing the inadequacy of crawlspace door access systems—even on the most expensive new construction. These access “doors” seemed to be installed as an after-thought leaving the crawlspace vulnerable to intrusion and susceptible to the elements.

Using his engineering skills and industry expertise Ray has addressed this problem with the ACU system, manufactured to the standards of 2006/2009 International Residential Code (Section R409, 1.2, closed crawlspaces)—access panel/door to crawlspace to be tight fitting, air sealed with a latch mechanism, access panel/door to be insulated.