ACU SafePlace Door

1 ½ Inch Density Vinyl Door

Strength properties of fiberglass reinforced vinyl more favorable than metal skin. Crawlspace door panel will not warp / rot / rust / dent. Panel has steel core.


Surpasses ICC Residential Crawlspace Door Code R value.

Vinyl Clad Door Frame

Century lasting single piece frame, designed to recess into crawlspace foundation wall opening. Only minutes to install. Tension / alignment bolts secures door frame in place.

Triple Hinged

Mortised hinged in frame rabbet and door panel edge. Crawlspace door panel will not sag or bind.

Hinged top

Continuous hinge, exterior door pull, open door brace, horizontal window at top.

Air Seal

Snug fitting rubber facing door panel. Perfect companion for today’s energy saving technique of encapsulating crawlspaces. (ICC Residential Closed Crawlspace Code)

Keyed Deadbolt Lock

Virtually impossible for intruder to enter crawlspace. Interior door panel face has grip to pull against seal, enabling to easily turn locking mechanism to engage deadbolt latch into frame bolt plate.


Solid 1/2 inch thick clear Polycarbonate window to view weather conditions

Urethane Color Bond

Hard durable door finish in color choices:
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Dark Brown

Custom Sized

Maximum width – 40 inches
Maximum height – 40 inches
Maximum sq. inches – 1440


The ACU crawlspace door can be delivered most anywhere.

SafePlace Door

Emergency Shelter

Safe place from violent severe storm.


Best location to avoid injury is a basement or crawlspace. (Floor of a building that is completely or partially below ground floor)

ACU SafePlace Door

Insures optimal protection in the roughest of storm conditions.